Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where in the heck has Tracy and her darn blog been????

All I can say is....I'm not sure!  Between teaching at the fantastic Creative Castle...getting ready for Bead and Button and working on the Wire Working book...I have been in CRAZY LAND!  I was really touched by the people at Bead and Button that said...hey....what about the blog!  Thanks to you for letting me know people read it....I will try to get better....after all...I have never lacked for words...opinions...time to back it up!!!!

Bead and Button was an amazing experience, once again....9 classes in 7 days~hey who does my scheduling?  But it was so fun to see people that I haven't seen all year!  My students were all amazing...it is almost a crime that I have so much fun! 

Here are a couple of dear friends- Julie and Cynthia, from home.....why does it take going to Bead and Button to see friends from home?????....having an amazing dinner...fun conversation....okay...perhaps a few drinks...shhhhh don't tell anyone!

I just want you all to know how amazingly beautiful it is here in Seattle on a beautiful sunny spring evening.  I am so lucky to live here and enjoy all the cloudy days and rejoice in the incredible sunny days.  If you haven't ever visited...you must put it on your bucket list!  I am now teaching locally at Fusion Beads.  So if you do come...check the schedule and see if you can fit a class in!

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