Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bead and Button here we come!!

The days are counting down to the Bead and Button show!
I still have room in my classes if you are still trying to make up your mind on which ones to take....I would love to have you join me!
The one class that I would love for you to consider is Peek Into My World-B122656
This one was a late entry and a brand new class.... We will be doing some metal texturing, stamping, can even use resin in your piece!
If your interested in a may of fun check this class out at

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello there!  We are getting so much great feed back on our book:
                                                  Making Wire and Bead Jewelry!  It is so exciting!!

Blogs around the country are commenting on what a good book it is...easy to follow and full of information.  For those of you that have always wanted to try wire working the 500 pictures will really help.  For those of you that are self taught....or it has been a while since you've worked on your techniques, this book will help you too!  Then...if that is not enough...there are many great projects to make.  CHECK IT OUT!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is our friend Cher Sweeny, an amazing bead maker, is making sets of beads that she is selling on Etsy that go with the projects in the book.   Many of the glass beads used in the book are hers.  Check out her store...she puts up new ones all the time!
Here is a link to one of them!
Thanks so all of you that have already bought the book!  Love to hear what you think!