Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bead and Button here we come!!

The days are counting down to the Bead and Button show!
I still have room in my classes if you are still trying to make up your mind on which ones to take....I would love to have you join me!
The one class that I would love for you to consider is Peek Into My World-B122656
This one was a late entry and a brand new class.... We will be doing some metal texturing, stamping, can even use resin in your piece!
If your interested in a may of fun check this class out at

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello there!  We are getting so much great feed back on our book:
                                                  Making Wire and Bead Jewelry!  It is so exciting!!

Blogs around the country are commenting on what a good book it is...easy to follow and full of information.  For those of you that have always wanted to try wire working the 500 pictures will really help.  For those of you that are self taught....or it has been a while since you've worked on your techniques, this book will help you too!  Then...if that is not enough...there are many great projects to make.  CHECK IT OUT!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is our friend Cher Sweeny, an amazing bead maker, is making sets of beads that she is selling on Etsy that go with the projects in the book.   Many of the glass beads used in the book are hers.  Check out her store...she puts up new ones all the time!
Here is a link to one of them!
Thanks so all of you that have already bought the book!  Love to hear what you think!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's try this again...

Long time no see! I am going to try to be better at this blogging thing....fingers crossed!
As some of you may new wire working book is finally out!
Janice Berkebile worked long and hard at putting together this informative and artful book. In it you will find lots of great information on tools, materials and a lot of solid wire working techniques. Using the information and the 500...yes I said...500 will be able to create the fun projects in this book and beyond!
I hope you will grab this book up and enjoy every page!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yeah!!!! Got my acceptance to Bead and Button 2012!

Every year it is the same thing....fill out the applications on line, send off the samples and then wait nervously until you get the email....I am still so amazed that they choose classes from me for the show!
Metalwork, Rivets and Resins Workshop
                               This is a fun class if you are into mixed media type projects!

Riveted Collage

Riveted Rings            
                                    This is one of the evening classes I will be teaching!
Stamped and Riveted Charms       

                                                              Another evening class!

Coiled and Riveted Cuff
                                     I will be teaching this project twice at Bead and Button!

Rivets Cold Connections
Every Picture Tells a Story
This project is a "flip book" pendant.  Tell a story or flip the pages depending on your mood!

Hope to see you at Bead and Button!  Tell your friends....Tracy will be back!

Friday, September 9, 2011

City Beads...what a wonderful place to be!

Taught my first class today at Lisa Garoon's wonderful bead store...My How Time Flies!

What fun we had!!!!! Tomorrow brings Have A Heart!
Can't wait for more fun tomorrow!!!!
Thanks Lisa for providing such a wonderful space!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

City Beads here I come......

I am so excited to be going to City Beads in Chicago next week, Sept. 8-11 to teach at Lisa Garoon's new place!  I will be teaching 3 brand new classes Have a Heart, My How Time Flies and Rivets and Clusters.  If you are in the area....or want to come to Chicago for some really fun classes check out Lisa's website:  Look at the September workshops.  

Rivets and Clusters

Have a Heart

My How Time Flies!

Check out City Bead......... Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been...

Slaving away on book details.  We are nearing the end....I think we can see a finish mind you I may be hallucinating...but just don't let me know....So many many many many things that could go wrong!  Thank goodness for our Editor.

Bogey says.....when are you going to be done mom!

Glass of wine....or paper of wine or paper work....  Bogey and the glass of wine are going to win for the rest of the evening!!!
Bogey says it's about time!  Let's hit the couch!!!  Gotta go.......