Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yeah!!!! Got my acceptance to Bead and Button 2012!

Every year it is the same thing....fill out the applications on line, send off the samples and then wait nervously until you get the email....I am still so amazed that they choose classes from me for the show!
Metalwork, Rivets and Resins Workshop
                               This is a fun class if you are into mixed media type projects!

Riveted Collage

Riveted Rings            
                                    This is one of the evening classes I will be teaching!
Stamped and Riveted Charms       

                                                              Another evening class!

Coiled and Riveted Cuff
                                     I will be teaching this project twice at Bead and Button!

Rivets Cold Connections
Every Picture Tells a Story
This project is a "flip book" pendant.  Tell a story or flip the pages depending on your mood!

Hope to see you at Bead and Button!  Tell your friends....Tracy will be back!


  1. Awe-some. Love to be one of your students. Very pretty. Jade experts love it.

  2. Your work is stunning! LOOOOVE the rings!