Friday, February 18, 2011

Well here I go.....

I have always wanted to blog and now seems as good a time as any.  My plan is to keep you updated on what is going on with me....were and what I will be teaching!  Hope to have you comment on what ever you think is interesting.....let's stay in touch!

Currently I am teaching at Fusion Beads in Seattle Washington.  As many of you know I was with Beads and Beyond for over 15 years, but since the store was sold it just wasn't a good fit for me any more.
It took me a while to decide I could drive over the bridge to Seattle to teach....but I am so happy I did!
The gals at Fusion Beads are so amazing!  The store is well stocked and they really have a passion for the business....something I have been missing for so long.  If you haven't been to Fusion, please check them out.  I am currently on the schedule and will be teaching class there next quarter also.  Give them a call to get the class schedules at 206-782 4595.  I sure would love to see you there!

Check out my teaching schedule for classes around the country at


  1. AWESOME TRACY!!!! Glad to see ya on here... =0)

  2. So good to see your sweet smiling face blogging. Can't wait to follow you around:O) I took classes from you in Santa Fe 2 yrs ago and loved your style. Good luck in your new location. Cheers and happy trails, Sally

  3. Tracy- I have missed your classes! I look forward to coming over to Fusion Beads to take a class. I actually have never been to that bead shop. See you sometime in the future!

  4. Jeanne...i have missed you too! You should check them out...they really have a nice much better than you know where. The classroom is great too!