Monday, February 21, 2011

Another lovely monday.....

Janice and I are in the throws of writing a book on wire working.  Busy with writing text on our projects and discussions about book titles with many hoops to jump through.  It is fun to get back to my wire working roots....I have focused so much of my time on the metal and riveting projects it is nice to go back to where it all began.... but  hard for me to stay focused on crazy deadlines...hummmm.....I think I saw a chicken!  Tomorrow is a day of photography......I hope we can stay on track and not get too distracted by the chickens.....


  1. Lovely piece! I can't wait for the book to come out. It will be worth all your effort. We're all anxiously awaiting the results of your effort.

    The "chickens" make life interesting - just let then float on by. They just appear so you won't "over focus" and take life too seriously.

    Good luck with photography today.

  2. Congrats Tracy. We are all awaiting the arrival of your new book with gusto!! Chickens, chickens, what chickens?? I just saw a butterfly go in one ear and out the other - oh, those fleeting thoughts drive me nuts:O)

  3. how exciting for you guys!! i know that the photos will be great... look at what they will be photographing!!! AMAZING STUFF!!! i cant wait for a copy! how blessed we all are to have learned from such fabulous ladies!!!